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Terms and Conditions:

All artwork (Tattoo images, Paintings, Drawings and Logos) is copyrighted and private property of MunkyDesign CC and/or Jan 'Munky' Giebelmann. Written permission needs to be obtain in order to use any of these in any form.

All deposits are non-refundable, unless special circumstances arise, at artist's discretion.  48 hours notice has to be given, otherwise the client will forfeit their deposit.

 The artist has the right to terminate artist/client relationship for the following reasons:

An extra charge  of R500.00 is placed on top of the deposit if the client changes their mind about the design after accepting it to begin with.

The artist is there to advise, help and inform you to make a LIFE decision, they will rather lose the income than just tattoo any old second hand design on you.  Please don't take offence when the artist is critical towards your tattoo ideas.  They wouldn't be doing their jobs properly otherwise.

Munky has a unique style and enjoys doing that style, please take that into account when choosing him as your future artist.  Please review the Tattoo Portfolio and make an informed decision thereafter.

Other than that,  it's all bullshit and lets have a rad time. Email us and let's make something super cool!